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Shira Lurie’s WaPo Op-Ed Critiques Constitution but Provides no Alternative

The most serious flaw in Shira Lurie’s October 24, 2019 Washington Post op-ed, “The Constitution isn’t the cure for President Trump. It is the cause,” is that it critiques the United States Constitution but does not offer a better alternative. Ending an op-ed with a hand-wringing “It is high time to address the anti-democratic foundations of American government,” but not telling us how to address them is the hallmark of a poor op-ed piece, an op-ed piece that should not have seen the light of day. If a writer cannot offer solutions to the problems she brings up, she should not bother writing. At the least, she should admit she does not have a better alternative. Continue reading “Shira Lurie’s WaPo Op-Ed Critiques Constitution but Provides no Alternative”

While Democracy dies in Darkness WaPo dies of Embarrassment

The Washington Post’s recent editorial on Facebook’s censorship campaign is embarrassing, not just because of its use of cliches. “a rising chorus,” its lack of logic (mentioning but not explaining how Louis Farrakhan fits into an editorial on white supremacy), but also because of its outright praise of Facebook’s censorship. The newspaper that boldly implies it is protecting democracy by shining light on darkness has written an editorial which states that Facebook’s removal of Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan and others from their platform “is encouraging.” Continue reading “While Democracy dies in Darkness WaPo dies of Embarrassment”