If your Cellphone Falls into the Toilet Throw the Rice in After It

Saturday, my cellphone fell out of my shirt pocket into the toilet, thankfully before I had used it, the toilet that is. I instinctively grabbed it and wiped it off. It was still on and worked, although it began doing strange things. Then when I plugged it in to charge it, I got a message that said the battery temperature was too low and it wouldn’t charge.

To youtube I went to find out how to open my cellphone and what to do when a cellphone falls into the toilet. Found out you cannot open my phone. It has an irreplaceable battery. The solutions offered were to put it in a bag of rice or silica gel and keep it sealed up for several days.

Generic Galaxy J7 – BlackI did that, but it didn’t work. I could still see little drops of water under the screen and the phone wouldn’t charge. I took it to work with me yesterday. It had only about a 40% charge. I used it sparingly, mainly to answer calls and run credit cards. It was still doing funky things, like jumping to another page on a website without me touching it.

By the time I got home last night, it was down to under 20% charge. I had already ordered a new phone. I decided to try one more time to dry the old phone out. The advice on line said to never use a heat source to dry it because you might fry the phone, but I couldn’t see how a passive method like using rice or silica gel would work. So I took the little chip and chip holder out of the side of the phone which opened up a fairly good size hole in the side of the phone. I set my wife’s hair dryer up, turned it on low and aimed it at the opening. I made sure the air hitting the opening was warm not hot. I did it for an hour last night and an hour this morning. I attempted to charge the phone, and this time it worked.

I was able to charge it to 100%, but right now I am doing the hair dryer thing for another hour or so to make sure all the water beads in the phone have evaporated.

So if your phone falls into the toilet, pull it out and dry it with a hair dryer. And throw the rice into the toilet for all the good it will do you.

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