Lock 11 Media dba the Book Hound to Focus on Mohawk Valley Reprints

Lock 11 Media LLC was formed by Dan Weaver, owner of the Book Hound, in 2017 in order to provide virtually all book related services, but particularly publishing. One of the goals of Lock 11 Media is to reprint historical and genealogical books related to the Mohawk Valley. With that goal in mind, we have reprinted our first two volumes: The Eckler Family of the Mohawk Valley, an 82 page soft cover retailing for $9.99 and Captain John Brown, His Service in the Revolutionary War, Battle of Stone Arabia: An Address Delivered before the Oneida Historical Society, April 28, 1884. The book is a 24 page soft cover and retails for $7.99.

These books are already available for sale at amazon.com. Click on the links to purchase them from amazon. We have ordered copies for The Book Hound, and they should arrive soon. We also will make copies available at a reduced rate for other booksellers and non-profit organizations that sell books.

Prior to forming Lock 11 Media, the Book Hound reprinted the following, all of which are available on amazon or at the Book Hound.

______________. A History of Saint Ann’s Church in the City of Amsterdam, New York. Originally published around 1916. Soft cover. 26 pages. $6.99.

______________. The Official Souvenir Book of First German Day Amsterdam, New York. Originally published in 1909. About the only book available with information on German-Americans in Amsterdam. Soft cover. 60 pages. $12.00.

Boyton, H. History of Steam on the Erie Canal. Originally published in 1873. Soft cover. 36 pages. $5.99.

Stone, William Leete. The Starins in America. Descendants of Nicholas Ster (Starin), One of the Early Settlers of Fort Orange (Albany, N. Y.). Originally published in 1892. Soft cover. 233 pages. $15.00.

Wager, Daniel E. Col. Marinus Willett The Hero of the Mohawk Valley. Originally published in 1891. Soft cover. 50 pages. $5.99.

Willigee Negroes ThumbnailWe will be publishing new books as well. Our first book, The Willigee Negroes: Sir Peter Warren, William Johnson and a Community of Free Blacks in the Mohawk Valley, by Daniel T. Weaver will debut in August.

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