Dear Schenectady Gazette – Ignoring Books is Worse than Burning Them

Dear Editor:

1031180903a_HDR-1I was excited today (October 27, 2018) to receive my copy of the Official 2018 Peoples Choice Awards Best of the Best insert in my Schenectady Gazette. Thumbing through it, I found the Best Gun Shop and the Best Vape Shop. But conspicuous by its absence was THE BEST BOOKSTORE category. Surely you believe reading is as important as vaping and books as important as guns. If, as your motto asserts, credibility matters, please include book stores in next year’s Peoples Choice Awards. Because ignoring books and not reading them is more dangerous to their existence then burning them. People who burn books at least recognize their importance.

Daniel T. Weaver

The Book Hound

16 Main Street

Amsterdam, NY 12010


One thought on “Dear Schenectady Gazette – Ignoring Books is Worse than Burning Them”

  1. From floppy disks, three inch disks, CD, memory keys, from VHS to DVD, to Netflix’s, there is nothing like having a paper book in your hand or in your library ! It will ALWAYS be there, it won’t be obsolete like the technology of today. Look people, books will last, they will last thru the ages!


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