Month: January 2018

First library, first love or why I became a bookseller

Two gas pumps in upstate New York inhabit my memory the way two large stone lions do the residents of Manhattan. The gas pumps stood for years at the crossroads of Depot Street and Main Street in Sidney Center in Delaware County, New York, across from the Walsh Hotel and the Cheer Up Department Store. With their globular tops, and their long hoses on their sides, the pumps were like those John Updike must have been thinking of when he wrote the poem “Ex-Basketball Player” because they did look like people, like the men I often see hanging around the fronts of convenient markets sucking on coffee and cigarettes and waiting for the day to begin. Continue reading “First library, first love or why I became a bookseller”

Our music section – books, cds, lps

The Book Hound has a section devoted to books about music. Our strongest areas are classical music, opera and classic rock. We also buy all the jazz, blues and folk music books we can find and have a small selection of each. The Book Hound also has a good selection of old church hymnals dating back to the mid 1800s.

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